Double Deep Fat Fryers

Breville VDF020 Double Basket Stainless Steel Deep Fat Fryer The Breville VDF020 Double Deep Fat Fryer double deep fat fryer incorporates two independent frying chambers, complete with separate heating elements and temperature controls, in a stylish brushed stainless steel body. Each oil chamber has a generous 3 litre capacity and can handle up to 1.2kg of food.

Why A Double Deep Fat Fryer

Double or twin deep fat fryers are fryers that have two separate cooking baskets. This kind of fryer is more targeted towards the commercial market, like restaurants and cafeterias but can be very useful is some home situations. For example, if you have a large family or need to fry two items at the same time, a double deep fat fryer is a practical choice.

Basically they come in two different configurations. One large oil chamber and two baskets, or two separate oil chambers and two baskets.

Two separate oil compartments allow you to keep the taste and flavour of one item from mixing with another. All cooking oils will absorb some of the flavour of whatever was placed in them. Frying fish in oil that was previously used to fry meat will produce a noticeable, and unpleasant result. With two separate frying chambers different foods can be restricted to one side or the other and prevent contamination.

A single large oil chamber has the advantage of volume and usually produces a higher quality fry. This is because the larger amount of oil is better able to maintain its temperature throughout the frying process.

If you can't find the model you want you can achieve similar results with two mini deep fat fryers placed side by side. This can be cost effective and also gives you the flexibility of using a single fryer when the extra capacity is not required.

Double Deep Fat Fryer

£ 40.00
20L Stainless Steel Commercial Twin Electric Deep Fat Chip Fryer Table Top

£ 89.99
20L Commercial 2x10L Stainless Steel Baskets Twin Tank Electric Deep Fryer Chip

£ 89.99
FoxHunter 20L Stainless Steel Twin Basket Electric Deep Fryer Commercial Chip

£ 99.99
Swan SD6041 Deep Fryer - Double

£ 69.99
2x 17L Electric Commercial Double Baskets Deep Fat Chip Fryer with Tap Twin Tank

£ 211.00
NEW DOUBLE 10L Commercial TWIN Electric Chip Deep Fat Fryer 3kw per side UK plug

£ 99.00
DOUBLE 10L Commercial TWIN Electric Chip Deep Fat Fryer high power 3kw

£ 99.00
Electric Fryer 2x10L Commercial Fish Chip Deep Fat 2 Double Baskets Steel 5000W

£ 135.99

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